The US President Trump Accuses The Social Network And The Search Engines Of ” censoring ” ( Twitter and Google )

The US president Trump Accuses The Social Network And The Search Engines Of censoring Twitter and Google

Trump accuses Twitter and Google news of ” censorship ” right and far-right websites. Google has strongly denied these accusations.

In a series of tweets published by, Donald Trump attacked directly Google’s news service, Google News, which he accuses of “censoring” conservative sites: “Ninety-six percent of “Trump news” searches on Google are pointing to left-wing media, it’s very dangerous (…). There are only “fake news”, they rigged the results to show only the bad results, “ says the president of the United States.

Later in the day, the president reiterated his remarks, warning Google, Twitter and Facebook against what he believes is a lack of impartiality, advising them to “pay attention” .  Trump complained from the Oval Office that Google, Twitter and Facebook ought to be careful from navigating in confusing situations. He also added that this was unfair to the largest part of the population.


Google Has Strongly Denied These Accusations.

Google has strongly denied these accusations of political bias, noting that its search engine “never ranks search results to manipulate a political opinion.  ” “Research Do not use for defend a Political purposes We are do not deviate our results to Any political orientation, Google Reply in a very strong statement.

Donald Trump’s comments seem to be based on a “study” published by the conservative site PJ Media, which has made its own measurements of sites appearing in Google News (Google News) in the United States. A ranking that suffers from very many methodological biases.

He labels as a “left” site news agencies like Reuters, little suspicious of being acquired on the extreme left of the United States. He randomly aggregates independent websites, news agencies, televisions and national dailies with conspiracy blogs like Alex Jones’s – but it does not include any local media. Finally, the “measure” by the site on the “top 100 results in Google News” has only 70 results, and does not take into account that the results of Google News vary from one user to another, because Google customizes them according to different criteria, such as geolocation.

Some sites in PJ Media’s’ leaderboard ‘are effectively absent from Google News, including Alex Jones’ website Infowars, which regularly publishes conspiracy theories as facts. During the summer, most of Infowars ‘ accounts were removed by major social networks as a result of hate speech.


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The US president Trump Accuses The Social Network And The Search Engines Of censoring Twitter and Google
Released by the Gage Skidmore on 29 octobre 2016 – Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

False information

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Conservatives, and more particularly the far right, have been saying for months that there is a permanent “political censorship” online by the big companies of Silicon Valley. The known cases of blocking or filtering extremist personalities, such as Alex Jones or Milo Yiannopoulos, all involved calls for violence or hatred. But some measures taken by the major platforms after the 2016 presidential election to fight against false information have also touched sites and pages conspiracy or peddling false information appreciated by the far right American.

In one of his posts on August 28, Donald Trump directly threatens Google: “This situation is very serious, and we will take care of it. “ On September 5, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was summoned by the Republican majority before a congressional committee, where he will be questioned about the moderation rules of its social network. Most of the questions of right-wing elected officials should relate to the so-called “censorship” of conservatives.

Donald Trump challenges Google again … with a fake video

Just hours after accusing the Google search engine of faking his results in his news column, Donald Trump has made new accusations. In a brief, non-sourced video posted on his Twitter account, a message states that “for years Google has put forward President Obama’s State of the Union address on his homepage. When President Trump was elected, they stopped. “

A completely false assertion, denied by Google , that provided the evidence, independently corroborated by multiple sources, that its homepage had also posted a link to Mr. Trump’s speech. The images in the video published by the President of the United States are from a photomontage .

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